Zodiac Tiger Ring - Gold

Item ID: JR0063

The Tiger is one of the twelve-year animal cycle which appear in the Chinese zodiac. The Tiger's nature to seek out opportunities wherever they can in an attempt to improve their abilities and hone their profession. It represents strength, courage, and determination. The Beautiful tiger ring with delicate patterns of lace is made out of Desmond’s intention to bring the wearer beauty, good luck and love in life.


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  • The Maker

    Vulcan is the god of fire in Roman mythology, and metal smith to the other deities in the pantheon. When he launched his line of 3D-printed jewelry in 2014, Hong Kong designer Desmond Chan chose the name “Vulcan” in reference to the divine inspiration he seeks to infuse in his work. Produced in metals such as gold, silver and brass, every piece of Vulcan Jewelry presented here by aoku3D is an embodiment of this creative ideal.